Namibia Safaris from Swakopmund: Everything you need to know

Namibia Safaris from Swakopmund: Everything you need to know

May 8, 2023

Namibia Safaris from Swakopmund: Everything you need to know

Nestled between the striking Atlantic coast and the enchanting Kalahari Desert, Namibia is one of Africa’s hidden gems and in recent years it has grown to become a leading safari destination. A sense of serenity is generated by a stunning, open landscape and travellers are drawn to endless horizons, unpolluted skies and one of the planet’s lowest population densities. These characteristics, coupled with abundant wildlife viewing opportunities and extraordinary lodges, make Namibia the ultimate luxury safari destination.

With so much to do and see in this spellbinding African nation, choosing where to start your Namibia safari adventure can be a difficult task. Fortunately, as experienced safari specialists SecretNamibia are here to help.

For the purposes of today’s article, we’re going to focus on safaris from Swakopmund, a thriving coastal city located west of the capital Windhoek. From the best sights and attractions to the lowdown on onward safari destinations, read on to find out everything you need to know about starting a Namibia safari from Swakopmund.

Swakopmund Attractions

Swakopmund Attractions

Charming Swakopmund was built during the German Colonial period and was once an important harbour. Today the city retains its Germanic influence, with architecture that more closely resembles something you might expect to find in a quaint Bavarian village. Home to approximately 45,000 residents, the city benefits from more moderate temperatures in the summer months, making it a popular getaway destination for Namibians seeking relief from the more extreme in-land heat.

Although your Namibian safari adventure is likely to take you to sublime and otherworldly locations like Etosha National Park, The Namib Desert or the remote Kunene region, Swakopmund in itself is a great place to spend a couple of days.

Amongst the city’s many tourist attractions is the 100-year-old jetty, a distinctive pier that extends right from the heart of town out into the Atlantic Ocean. The pier was extensively renovated in 2006 and visitors can spend a few hours here admiring stunning sea views, or grab a bite to eat at Jetty 1905, one of Swakopmund’s top restaurants that serves mostly fresh seafood and sushi.

History enthusiasts and cultural buffs will also appreciate Swakopmund Museum, the largest private museum in Namibia which houses geology, botany, zoology and archaeology exhibitions throughout the year. Alternatively, safari goers can visit the National Aquarium where ragged-tooth sharks, green turtles, and African Penguins can be observed.

Luxury Accommodation Swakopmund

Luxury Accommodation Swakopmund

Top-quality accommodation is integral to the luxury safari experience. Fortunately, if you’re planning a Namibia safari that starts in Swakopmund you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to high-end digs.

Leading the list of contenders for the best luxury hotel in Swakopmund is The Strand, which markets itself as a ‘social epicentre and destination in itself’. The Strand boasts a word-class restaurant, vibrant bar, deli, lobby lounge and there’s even a beach kiosk. Set on the Mole, a historic site surrounded by the Atlantic on three sides, the hotel’s rooms are the epitome of luxury. Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors afford guests access to a private balcony where stunning panoramic sea views await. Amenities are plush with king beds, spacious bathtubs and the Presidential Suite even boats a roaring fireplace.

Additionally, a short drive from central Swakopmund luxury accommodation seekers will encounter the stunning Desert Breeze Lodge. The resort’s spectacular location provides peace and tranquillity away from the bustling town, whilst guests are invited to marvel at the majestic sight of the surrounding Namib Desert.

Luxury Accommodation Swakopmund

Desert Breeze offers 12 luxury bungalows, each with an ensuite, whilst there’s also one stunning three-roomed villa, perfect for family safari goers. Each bungalow is equipped with a range of luxury amenities including cosy beds, wireless internet, a fully stocked mini bar and a fireplace. Once you’ve enjoyed an exceptional night’s sleep, guests are invited to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the gloriously-styled breakfast room.

If neither of those options satisfy your requirements, there are plenty of other luxury boutique hotels in Swakopmund that are eager to welcome you.

Safari Activities from Swakopmund

Conveniently located on the coast, travellers seeking to kick off their Namibia safari adventure in Swakopmund will be pleased to know that several popular destinations are within easy reach of the city.

Approximately 20 miles away you’ll find Walvis Bay, an extraordinary area renowned for its fascinating marine life. Here safari goers can witness the surreal sight of 200,00 seals at Cape Cross or why not opt for a luxury catamaran cruise and attempt to spot Africa’s marine ‘Big 5’?

If you’d like to complement your luxury safari trip with some adrenaline-inducing activities, you can also experience a 4x4 desert excursion to Sandwich Harbour Bay or you can even partake in a spot of kayaking at Bird Rock nearby.

Safari Activities from Swakopmund

Further afield, no safari tour to Namibia would be complete without taking a trip to the Sossusvlei region where you will encounter some of the world’s biggest sand dunes. The Sossusvlei area is approximately a 5-hour drive away if you’re on a self-drive safari. Fly-in safaris can transport you there much quicker, and in style.

Wildlife viewing must be high on your luxury safari bucket list and there are plenty of incredible places scattered around Namibia that are perfect for game drives. Etosha National Park is amongst the most popular and here you can spot dozens of species of fascinating mammals, as well as most of Africa’s ‘Big 5’. Etosha National Park is located just under 400 miles from Swakopmund if you’re taking the direct route.

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