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Namibia Fly-In Safaris

Limited for time? Want to catch a prize-winning shot of the Cinderella waxbill? On a honeymoon? Not keen to drive for days on the wrong side of the road to get anywhere? Opt for a fly-in safari. A fly-in safari often represents the best value for any itinerary: less time travelling means more time at each destination.
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Fly-In Safaris


Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast, Etosha

7 days from NAD 64,000 pps *
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Sossusvlei, Damaraland, Etosha

7 days from NAD 78,700 pps *
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Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast, Kunene, Etosha

9 days from NAD 92,800 pps *
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Namibrand, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Kaokoland, Etosha

11 days from NAD 173,200 pps *
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The Essence Of A Fly-In Safari

Namibia is a vast country. Twice the size of Germany and three times bigger than the United Kingdom with more than 60 million people less by population. By charter flights you can journey the far reaches and get a better perspective of it’s ‘vastness’ from above.

From city to the middle of ‘nowhere’. We can have you in the heart of Sossusvlei sipping your gin and tonic, in less than two hours from Windhoek or you could be out on your game drive in Etosha viewing a lion on the hunt, only hours after having landed.

Easily explore the desolated open expanses from north to south and east to west. True wilderness without the crowds. From rolling red sand dunes to elephants on a solid white salt pan or cruising down the river at sunset. Fly into some of the most remote places on planet Earth on a fly-in safari of Namibia.

Domestic flights within Namibia are few, especially not to the more remote areas, so travelling by light aircraft will take you to those secret places of endless views and absolute quiet. Not necessarily the cheapest mode of travel, but as a discerning traveller, you’ll be making the most of your time in Africa with less time actually getting you from A to B

We can design your fly-in using different flight types:

Private Charter – you travel with your designated pilot and your own light aircraft. Tailor your travel times as you go. Your pilot is flexible to meet your activities schedule. Ideal for small groups with a maximum of four people in a Cessna 210 aircraft.

Seat Rate Flights – require a minimum of two people. Flights are not always direct. Times are scheduled according to all passengers booked per flight. If you’re only looking to fly certain sections of an itinerary this option would be for you.

Shuttle Flights – don’t have a minimum requirement but only fly to and from certain areas, like Sossusvlei and Etosha, on a ‘taxi’ basis with set flight times. If you’re travelling alone, with limited time and you don’t want to drive, this is the fly-in option for you.

Whatever your itinerary and depending on your group size, we’ll recommend the best and most cost effective flights to give you the ideal experience.

So what aircraft will you be flying with?

Most popular for charter flights is the Cessna 210, a high performance light aircraft with a single engine. It’s been around since the hey-day with a super reputation. A cost effective, six seater suitable for up to four passengers. Ideal for scenic flights.

The Baron is a slightly larger and faster aircraft, also operated by one pilot but has twin engines. Suitable for up to five passengers.

A Cessna 404 accommodates up to eight passengers. The older brother to the Cessna 210, it has twin engines and is operated by two pilots. Ideal for larger groups wishing to travel together in one aircraft. More comfort and more space.

A workhorse aircraft, the Cessna Caravan seats up to 12 passengers and one pilot. The ‘4×4’ of light aircrafts able to operate out of rugged airstrips. A single turbine aircraft with a high wing, the ideal option for scenic aerial photography.

The Aero Commander is a pressurized, twin engine aircraft. Suitable for six or seven passengers and flown by two pilots. Flying at a higher altitude this is a smoother and much faster ride that also comes with a higher price tag.

We only use reputable charter companies to ensure your safety. We negotiate comparable quotes to give you top quality and service at the best possible price.

Your pilot is your professional ‘private guide’ in the air. He will monitor weather conditions, communicate your departure and arrival times for transfers and ensure that all runs smoothly and most importantly safely.

Keep in mind that flights always have weight restrictions for luggage, so best take note of this from the get go and if you have specific concerns, just let us know and we’ll advise.

To fly-in or not to fly-in?

Namibia is a great country for travel all year round. Good news if you’re thinking of a fly-in safari. Weather is seldom a set back and with clear skies almost 365 days a year, there’s little chance of you not being able to take it all in, as far as the eye can see.

With well maintained and safe airstrips throughout the country, you can fly in to any highlight destination. As an added bonus, the transfer from the aircraft to the lodge on arrival, a nature or game drive just to get there. From the moment you touch ground your adventure begins.

We will book all your necessary transfers, meals and activities with your lodge guides throughout. You’re always taken care of. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Fly your entire route or make things interesting by adding a self-drive or private guided section to include the best of both worlds. Combine a scenic flight over the endless dunes in the south and a private guide to Etosha to have your own private safari experience. Whatever your desire, our Travel Experts know all the best options and unique ways to tailor your itinerary and make it a one-of-a-kind experience. Contact us and we’ll put it together so that you can come and enjoy it.

What Our Clients Say

Well worth the time and money, we are already looking forward to doing it again. Namibia's diversity makes it a fantastic safari destination.

Faye Pearson
Namibia Highlights Safari

Our trip to Namibia was one of our greatest holidays to date. We left the country revitalised and our minds filled with great memories. Thank you Secret Namibia for guiding us in creating an amazing safari holiday.

Ray Phillips
Greater London
Best Of Namibia Guided Safari

What an amazing time we had. Everyone should try this trip at least once in their life. I'll be recommending this to all my friends!


Absolutely amazing country and holiday!


What a holiday we had! We visited Namibia during Winter 2021, and we were spoilt by the amount of wildlife we saw. Secret Namibia went out of their way to make our trip memorable

Dr. Richard Anderson
Extravagant Namibia Fly-In Safari

Namibia is a fascinating country, so much wide open space, but still plenty to see. Your eyes will be permanently entertained. Thank you for all your suggestions