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A Namibia family safari ticks all the boxes for a fantastic family vacation. An authentic African safari filled with game drives, bush walks, and more. Family-friendly safaris cater to different age groups, rather than just adults.
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The idea of a family safari may fill you with terror rather than trepidation. But, in reality, getting your family on board with the idea of a Namibia family safari could be one of the best decisions you make this year. With so much stress associated with our day-to-day responsibilities and so little time in which to escape them, many families struggle to spend quality time together. A Namibia family safari is an ideal way to put that right. It’s an experience that provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for families to come together to embrace nature and experience extraordinary activities.

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What is a Namibia Family Safari?

A Namibia family safari is a type of safari holiday that’s designed specifically for families, both big and small. For mom and dad safari trips to Namibia offer the opportunity to relax and unwind in idyllic surroundings, whilst there are plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained. If grandpa and grandma are coming, they can be accommodated too. Here at SecretNamibia we will work with you to design the perfect family safari trip to that caters for your entire travelling group.

Namibia Family Safari Benefits

Reconnect With Nature

Visitors to Namibia constantly comment on just how remarkably calming and peaceful it makes you feel. From the sights and sounds of the natural world to the smell of the fresh, open air, there’s nothing quite like it. On a Namibia family safari, you can expect to visit some of the country’s most stunning and breath-taking sights, from the Skeleton Coast to the Namib Desert. You can also expect to see some of the region’s most impressive wildlife given that Namibia is blessed with hundreds of species of exotic birds and mammals.

A Namibia family safari is the perfect chance to reconnect with nature and rediscover the importance of appreciating the world around you. It’s an opportunity to truly unwind and let go of the stresses of everyday life. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget, and one that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives.

Build Family Bonds

Family bonds are essential, but it can sometimes be difficult to maintain that connection between family members when you’re enduring the pressures of everyday life. On a Namibia family safari, you can use this opportunity to get to know each other (and your children’s friends) a little better.

Not only will the experience help you connect with your children, but it will also help you form a stronger bond with your spouse, too. You can use the time on the open road to get to know each other more intimately. You can engage in conversation, play games, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s the daily game drives you and your family can enjoy together or a long journey to your next destination, a Namibia family safari offers you the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds and establish family traditions.

Teach Your Kids About Responsible Tourism And Conservation

A Namibia family safari is an excellent opportunity to teach your children about the importance of tourism and conservation. You can use the experience to show your children how tourism benefits local communities and the environment. By visiting places like Fish River Canyon and Sossusvlei, you could be helping to sustain the livelihoods of the people who live there. Not only that, but you could be helping to preserve and protect some of the world’s most magnificent landmarks. You could also be helping to protect the desert, desert-adapted animals, plants, and scores of bird species that migrate through the nation each year.

Combines relaxation & excitement

Namibia family safari holidays offer the perfect mixture of relaxation and excitement. From the moment you and your family land in this incredible Southwest African nation you’ll be able to try amazing activities that are guaranteed to get your pulses racing such as hiking, sand boarding or sand sledging. You’ll even encounter the semi-nomadic Himba people, an indigenous tribe whose way of life has not changed for thousands of years.

After all the fun and excitement of your excursions, retreat to the comfort of your stylish accommodation where you’ll be able to kick back and relax. Some lodges even offer childcare facilities so mom and dad can spend some quality time together safe in the knowledge that the little ones are being kept entertained and taken care of.

What's Included on a Namibia Family Safari?

Namibia family holidays can be tailored to your exact requirements, but they generally include flights from your country of origin, in-country transfer, accommodation, and activities.

Some of the incredible activities that can be enjoyed on a safari holiday to Namibia include bush walks, game drives, horseback riding, sand sledging and even hiking. If you’re planning to bring older family members, or are looking for a more relaxed trip, you can whittle away the hours from the comfort of your plush accommodation where you’ll be able to experience private dinners, sundowners and sleep outs under the star- studded Namibian night sky.

How Much Does a Family Safari to Namibia cost?

While a Namibia family safari may sound like an indulgent trip, in reality it’s an incredibly affordable vacation. The cost depends on the time of year you’re planning to travel, the type of activities you’d like to experience and the type of accommodation you’d like to stay at.

Namibia holiday specialists like SecretNamibia can advise you on the best time to travel relative to your budget, the number of people in your travelling group, and the time of year you’d ideally like to jet off.

Luxury Family Safaris Namibia

A Namibia family safari tour is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and if you and your family would like to experience a taste of the highlife during your trip then we can make it happen. From luxury in-country travel, including private plane transfers, to opulent accommodation options and exclusive activities, we can put together a luxury family safari package that’s fit for royalty.

Think grand chalets complete with private plunge pools, round-the-clock service, top-class cuisine and everything in between!

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We appreciate that booking a family vacation can be stressful but our goal is to make things as easy as possible.

Get in touch with one of our personal travel experts today and we will help you plan the ultimate family adventure. We’ll help you choose the right lodge or camp for your household (many have minimum age requirements) and we can even help tailor your safari by adding private family game drives or extra stops to your holiday.

Whilst you wait for our safari specialists to get in touch why not check out our all-inclusive safaris or luxury safaris for more inspiration.

How much free time will I get to spend with my family?

With our flexible and fully bespoke family safari itineraries we empower you to make that decision. We can design an itinerary that includes planned activities in the morning followed by free time in the afternoon, leaving you to relax and unwind at your luxury lodge. Alternatively, if you’re scheduled for two days of activities, we can follow that with a free day to allow you and your traveling party to recharge your batteries.

Are only parents and children allowed on a family safari?

Our family safaris are just that, for the entire family! If you’d like to bring aunts and uncles, cousins or grandparents, then we can make that happen. We can organise activities that are suitable for travellers of all ages. We can also identify elite lodges that have special family suites, ideal for parents travelling with children.

What standard of accommodation can I expect to stay at?

SecretNamibia is a luxury safari specialist and as such we are committed to turning your safari dreams into a reality. Expect to say at opulent 5-star lodges and camps complete with private viewing decks, sparking plunge pools, spacious bedrooms, and even libraries. The hospitality you can expect to receive during your stay is also exceptional. No request is too big or small, your every whim will be catered for.

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Well worth the time and money, we are already looking forward to doing it again. Namibia's diversity makes it a fantastic safari destination.

Faye Pearson
Namibia Highlights Safari

Our trip to Namibia was one of our greatest holidays to date. We left the country revitalised and our minds filled with great memories. Thank you Secret Namibia for guiding us in creating an amazing safari holiday.

Ray Phillips
Greater London
Best Of Namibia Guided Safari

What an amazing time we had. Everyone should try this trip at least once in their life. I'll be recommending this to all my friends!

Absolutely amazing country and holiday!


What a holiday we had! We visited Namibia during Winter 2021, and we were spoilt by the amount of wildlife we saw. Secret Namibia went out of their way to make our trip memorable

Dr. Richard Anderson
Extravagant Namibia Fly-In Safari

Namibia is a fascinating country, so much wide open space, but still plenty to see. Your eyes will be permanently entertained. Thank you for all your suggestions

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