Top 5 Luxury Safari Lodges in Namibia

Top 5 Luxury Safari Lodges in Namibia

Jul 14, 2022

Top 5 Luxury Safari Lodges in Namibia

Namibia is a nation of stunning contrasts, celebrated for its awe-inspiring landscapes, desert adapted wildlife, dreamy blue skies and dizzying starry nights.

Since gaining independence from South Africa in the early 90’s the country has reinvented itself superbly, developing a unique multicultural character that combines the best of African style with modern European influence on food, art, customs and architecture.

In recent decades Namibia has also proudly earnt the accolade as one of the best luxury safari destinations in Africa, and it’s not hard to see why. The country’s game reserves and national parks are a kaleidoscope of enchanting landscapes, bursting full of everything from magnificent dunes, arid desserts, towering canyons, and isolated coastlines.

As the popularity of self-drive and private guided safari trips to Namibia have risen exponentially, so too has the quality of the accommodation and lodging options. Nowadays Namibia is the go-too safari destination for those looking to inject a little touch of glamour into their safari adventure.

From luxury eco-conscious lodges, to opulent and grand resorts fit for royalty, without further ado here’s our guide to the best luxury lodges in Namibia.

Onguma The Fort

Onguma The Fort

With opulent décor and furnishings that tourists may expect to find somewhere Marrakesh, Onguma The Fort deviates from what you might expect from a traditional Namibian safari lodge. However, different in this case certainly doesn’t mean bad and this plush Moroccan-styled camp is the perfect luxury retreat, particularly if you’re planning on visiting Etosha National Park as part of your safari adventure.

Boasting 11 luxury bush suites and the majestic ‘Sultan’ suite, Oguma The Fort features towering stone-clad walls, as well as all the luxury amenities you need to kick back and relax in style. The camp even boasts a gigantic central tower that looks out on to the Etosha pan; affording guests the opportunity to embrace the best sunset views in Namibia.

If you’re a newlywed couple looking for the perfect post-nuptials’ getaway spot, Onguma The Fort will not disappoint. Onguma’s honeymoon suit is built in the style of a mini fort; enjoy stunning views across the plains from your private decks as you relax with your better half and indulge in scrumptious gourmet dishes served straight from the kitchen.

Serra Cafema

Serra Cafema

For some, the luxury in luxury travel rests on achieving a sense of peacefulness and serenity that you can’t find at home. If you’re looking to escape the world and recharge in grand surroundings, then look no further than Serra Cafema.

Hidden under verdant trees on the banks of the Kunene River, here guests can truly unwind and switch off from as they listen to the sounds of rushing water and breathe in the revitalising Namibian air.

Serra Cafema boasts eight beautifully constructed wooden chalets complete with a plethora of luxury amenities and comforts. In order to maximise the majestic views of the landscapes surrounding the lodge, the architects even constructed each of the chalets on elevated decks, absolutely no detail was overlooked when they put together this magical escape haven.

When you’re not resting in your chalet guests are encouraged to go and meet the local Himba people, a semi-nomadic tribe that have called this region home for centuries.

As well as engaging with the locals, visitors can also take a relaxing boat ride down the Kunene River where you’ll be able to spot an abundance of wildlife, or head out on a game drive and keep your eyes peeled for mountain zebras.

Damaraland Camp

Damaraland Camp

Nestled in one of Namibia’s most dramatic wilderness regions, Damaraland camp combines both eco-consciousness and opulence.

Since first opening its doors in the late 1990’s the camp management have invested heavily in the local community, gaining many awards and accolades for their work which has enabled the nearby Torra farmers to thrive.

The camp itself, which is located in the Huab River Valley, boasts ten adobe-style thatched guestrooms, each spacious and brimming with plush furnishings. Each room is also equipped with a magnificent private decking area so you can marvel at the striking surrounding landscapes in peace.

Just off the main area of the camp you will find a stunning pool that’s perfect for cooling off after a long day in the sun. You’ll also find a charming open campfire, perfect for those chilly winter nights when you want to gather round with loves ones and gaze up at the star-studded sky.

The service at Damaraland camp is truly first-class, the team will be on-hand to cater to your needs all-around-the-clock.

Hoanib [Skeleton Coast](/safari-guides/best-things-to-see-in-skeleton-coast-namibia/) Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

For our next entry we head to Namibia’s ancient Namib Desert which is renowned for its iconic sand dunes, mountainous terrains, and sprawling plains.

Here, in an area known as Kaokeveld, visitors will find Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, a contemporary- designed lodge that offers guests the chance to relax and unwind in a spectacular, luxurious setting.

The lodge consists of eight luxury tented suites, all of which are solar powered which emphasises the camp’s commitment to conservation. As well as all the opulent amenities you might expect from a luxury abode, such as plush beds, furnishings, and a pool, one of the camp’s highlights is undoubtedly the private viewing area which peeks out on to the rugged valley that slopes down to the Hoanib River.

If you’re staying at Hoanib be sure to boko a ‘dry-an-fly’ excursion that will whisk you across the incredible Skeleton Coast. When you return for dinner, you’ll be treated to a luxury meal that showcases some of the freshest local ingredients.

Little Kulala

Little Kulala

No list of the best luxury lodges in Namibia would truly be complete without a nod to Little Kulala, a luxury oasis set in the 27 000-hectare Kulala Wilderness Reserve, close to the iconic dunes of Sossusvlei and the striking panoramas of Dead Vlei.

A popular choice for newlyweds on honeymoon, or those celebrating a special occasion safari, in recent years Little Kulala has been renovated, adding even more to the sense of grandeur, luxury and opulence that guests feel when they arrive at this lodge.

The camp features 11 climate-controlled suites, each boasting its own plunge pool and cool interiors that have been purposely incorporated to maximise natural light and mirror the area’s local geology. For an extra dose of romance, guests can even climb on to each suite’s private rooftop, the perfect spot to watch a notorious Namibian sunset, or enjoy a starry-sleep out.

The food served at Kulala also encourages that luxury feel, guests will be served a range of exquisite gourmet dishes paired with fine vintage wines.

If you’re planning to explore the nearby dunes of the Sossusvlei, Little Kulala is the perfect place to stay; the Kulala Wilderness Reserve has its own private gate which enters the Namib-Nakluft National Park.

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