Namibia safaris from Windhoek: All you need to know

Namibia safaris from Windhoek: All you need to know

May 10, 2023

Namibia safaris from Windhoek: All you need to know

If you’re seeking a life-enriching adventure then it’s time to consider booking a safari to Namibia, the soul of Africa. From the desolate surroundings of the Kalahari Desert, through to the intriguing Kolmanskop ‘Ghost Town’, this captivating nation is characterised by its eclectic destinations that have to be seen to truly be believed.

Ranking high on most people’s Namibia safari bucket list is a visit to the capital Windhoek and here at SecretNamibia we are often get asked if we can arrange safari trips from Windhoek. The short answer is yes: as luxury safari holiday specialists all our itineraries can be tailored to you, and we will happily incorporate a stop at this vibrant city.

Before you start reaching for your passport and cementing your travel plans you just might want to find out a little bit more about the Namibian capital, however. From top sights and attractions to luxury safari accommodation and more, read on to find out all you need to know about safaris from Windhoek.

Luxury Accommodation Windhoek

Luxury Accommodation Windhoek

As luxury safari specialists it would be remiss of us not to mention some of the opulent accommodation choices on offer in Namibia’s capital.

Although you won’t find the range of isolated lodges here owing to its city location, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your every luxury fantasy at some of the city’s top hotels and guesthouses.

Most of the high-end guesthouses and hotels are in the upmarket suburbs of Eros Park, including the Olive Exclusive. As the name may suggest, this ultra-luxury hotel is cool, contemporary, and stylish yet retains its authentic African soul. Guests can enjoy all the amenities one might associate with a 5-star hotel here, including a top-class restaurant that serves up a collection of exquisite signature dishes.

If you are craving a more peaceful and characterful abode more synonymous with your typical luxury safari adventure, then head to the magnificent Zannier Hotels Omaanda​. Although it’s only under an hour from vibrant Windhoek, Omaanda’s rustic style and savannah-swarmed surroundings make it feel far more remote.

The lodge boasts 10 gorgeous huts with thatched roofs and earthy fixtures that complement the landscape perfectly. The simplistic exterior design actually belies the level of luxury once guests head inside. King-size beds, spacious soaking tubs and built-in sound systems await. When you’re not on a safari excursion, kick back and take a dip in the dazzling infinity pool or enjoy a deep tissue massage. Come nighttime, you can enjoy a glass of delicious South African wine before making your way to the star-gazing platform where you admire the glistening night sky.

Windhoek Attractions

Windhoek Attractions

Nestled between the Khomas Hochland Plateau to the west and the picturesque Auas Mountains to the east, Namibia’s capital is scenically situated and serves as the ideal starting point for any tour of Namibia.

As you stroll through the city’s modern streets, you’ll notice a strong German colonial influence best represented by the Bavarian-style buildings. In fact, given the plethora of artisan cafes, trendy bars, and bustling markets you could be forgiven for thinking you’re exploring a charming place in Northern Europe.

Amongst the top attractions in the capital include the National Museum of Namibia, a place that offers a fascinating insight into the country’s journey to independence. At the museum art lovers can also admire the works of Christine Marais, a South African illustrator noted for her stunning drawings of the Namibian wilderness.

Windhoek Attractions

Want to find out more about Namibia’s past? Taking a tour of the inspiring Katutura area is highly recommended. Here visitors can explore the place that was once the designated zone for black people during South African rule; today it stands as a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood that sits north of the city centre.

Owing to Windhoek’s unique location, the capital rarely experiences the levels of extreme heat that can become common across other parts of the country. This means that you’ll likely want to spend plenty of time outdoors. On the outskirts of town, you’ll find Zoo park which is the perfect place for a stroll and a picnic, whilst you’ll encounter plenty of al fresco dining options as you roam the streets.

Safari Activities from Windhoek

Although spending a few days exploring the cosmopolitan capital is extremely fun, most safari goers are eager to explore the vast natural wonders that lie further afield. Luckily, if you’re kickstarting your safari adventure in Windhoek you’ll have easy access to some of Namibia’s most popular safari destinations.

Following a 4-5 hour car drive from Windhoek (or a short fly-in safari flight) you’ll reach the iconic Sossusvlei region, an area that’s part of the Namib Desert and home to some of the world’s largest sand dunes. Here visitors can spend hours marvelling at these magnificent orange and red formations at dawn, before spending the day exploring the conservation area including the large salt pan and Dune 45, said to be the world’s most photographed sand dune.

Safari Activities from Windhoek

No Namibia safari experience would be complete without some epic wildlife encounters. Visit Etosha National Park and you’ll be able to see scores of amazing mammals, including many of Africa’s big 5 up close and personal. Etosha National Park is located just over 250 miles from Windhoek and if you’re travelling by road on a self-drive safari this takes approximately 6 hours.

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast region is as eery as it is vast. The name ‘Skeleton’ even derives from the fact that many ships have met their end attempting to navigate this treacherous stretch of the Atlantic. Aside from visiting the well-preserved Shipwrecks, the region is home to Cape Cross, a place synonymous with a colony of over 200,000 fur seals. To reach here from Windhoek it takes approximately 4 hours by road although flying is much quicker.

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