Namibia Safaris 2023: Our Top Picks

Namibia Safaris 2023: Our Top Picks

Oct 6, 2023

Namibia Safaris 2023: Our Top Picks

Namibia is a land of breathtaking beauty, boasting a kaleidoscope of landscapes that range from towering sand dunes in Sossusvlei to the rugged terrain of Damaraland and the expansive savannahs of Etosha National Park. It is a nation that beckons adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a truly immersive and luxurious safari experience.

However, with so many destinations to uncover and so many different types of safaris to filter through, choosing your ideal getaway can be a slightly tricky task. Fear not however because SecretNamibia are here to help you find the perfect adventure. As Namibia safari experts we have carefully curated a list of our top picks for 2023 that are sure to spark your imagination.

Whether you prefer a self-drive expedition or are drawn to an all-inclusive fly-in tour, our selections below showcase the very best of Namibia’s mesmerising landscapes, exhilarating activities, and exclusive lodges.

Without further ado, here’s our top Namibia safari picks for 2023:

Namibia Luxury Self-Drive Safari (16 Days)

Namibia Luxury Self-Drive Safari (16 Days)

Embark on an unforgettable 16-day self-drive safari that will take you on a captivating journey through the heart of Namibia. Begin your adventure in the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert, where you can experience the unique lifestyle and traditions of the Bushmen on a thrilling Bushmen Walk. Continue to the breathtaking Fish River Canyon, the second-largest canyon in the world, and hike along its dramatic cliffs for awe-inspiring views. From there, make your way to the iconic Sossusvlei, where you can witness the surreal beauty of towering red sand dunes. Explore the charming coastal town of Swakopmund and try adrenaline-pumping activities such as quad biking and sandboarding. Discover the rugged landscapes of Damaraland and encounter desert-adapted elephants as well as other fascinating wildlife.

Your journey culminates in the renowned Etosha National Park, where you can embark on thrilling game drives and witness the incredible diversity of animal species. Throughout your safari, surrender to the lap of luxury as you enjoy stays at some of Namibia’s most prestigious lodges such as Fish River Lodge, Wolwedans Boulders Camp, and the stunning SafariHoek; each of which offer comfort and exclusivity amidst Namibia’s spectacular wilderness.

Ultimate Namibia All-Inclusive Luxury Fly-In Safari (17 Days)

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our 17-day all-inclusive fly-in safari, where every aspect of your journey is meticulously planned for an extraordinary experience. Your adventure begins in the mesmerising Sossusvlei, home to the iconic red sand dunes and breathtaking vistas. Experience the thrill of climbing these majestic dunes and witnessing the sunrise casting an ethereal glow over the desert.

From there, venture to the charming coastal town of Swakopmund, where you can explore the historical sites, enjoy fresh seafood, and embark on a thrilling Sandwich Harbour Tour. Continue your journey along the enigmatic Skeleton Coast, where dramatic landscapes and shipwrecks lie scattered along the shore. Immerse yourself in the ancient rock engravings and geological wonders of Damaraland before reaching the remote wilderness of Kaokoland, home to the Himba people.

Finally, culminate your safari in the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park, renowned for its abundance of game. During your journey, unwind in luxurious accommodations such as Serra Cafema, Ongava Tented Camp, and Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, where every comfort is thoughtfully provided, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Namibia’s natural splendour.

Extravagant Namibia Fly-In Safari (11 Days)

Extravagant Namibia Fly-In Safari (11 Days)

For an extravagant and immersive safari experience, our 11-day fly-in adventure will take you on a remarkable journey through Namibia’s most stunning landscapes.

Begin your exploration in the private Namibrand Nature Reserve, a haven of tranquillity and unparalleled natural beauty. Marvel at the vast desert plains, pristine dunes, and unique flora and fauna. From there, venture to the striking Sossusvlei, where the surreal landscapes of towering dunes and ancient camel thorn trees await.

Appreciate the Soul of Africa from a unique perspective as you board a scenic flight over the barren Skeleton Coast, witnessing its raw beauty and the crashing waves meeting the desert sands. Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of the Himba people during a visit to their traditional village. Conclude your safari in the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park, where you can embark on thrilling game drives and witness the magnificent Big Five.

Throughout your journey, enjoy the utmost luxury and comfort at lodges such as Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, and Little Ongava Lodge, where world-class hospitality and attention to detail ensure an unforgettable stay.

Ultimate Namibian Guided Safari (19 Days)

Opt for this epic 19-day guided safari and you will be led through Namibia’s most captivating destinations, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience. Begin your journey in the incredible Kalahari Desert, where red sands stretch as far as the eye can see. Explore the wonders of the Fish River Canyon, an awe-inspiring natural marvel, and witness its sheer magnitude.

Journey onwards to the historical town of Luderitz, where the remnants of German colonial architecture blend with the striking coastal landscapes. Experience the surreal beauty of Sossusvlei and climb the iconic red sand dunes for panoramic views of the desert. Discover the colonial charm and adventure activities of Swakopmund before delving into the rugged landscapes of Damaraland, home to desert-adapted elephants and the ancient Twyfelfontein rock engravings.

Traverse the remote wilderness of Kaokoland, encountering the Himba people and immersing yourself in their fascinating traditions. Conclude your safari in Etosha National Park, where exceptional game drives offer incredible sightings of diverse animal species. Throughout your journey, retreat to exceptional lodges such as Desert Homestead Lodge, Swakopmund Luxury Suites, and Camp Kipwe, where warm hospitality and first-class comfort await.

Exploring Namibia Scheduled Tour Superior (12-Day Tour for Small Groups)

Exploring Namibia Scheduled Tour Superior (12-Day Tour for Small Groups)

Gather up your family or group of friends and set off on the adventure of a lifetime with this 12-day exploration of Namibia’s remarkable landscapes and cultural treasures. Begin your journey in the expansive Kalahari Desert, a semi-arid wilderness rich in biodiversity and home to fascinating wildlife. Experience the grandeur of the Fish River Canyon, the largest canyon in Africa, and witness the power of nature at work.

Explore the historical town of Luderitz, with its colonial-era architecture and charming coastal atmosphere. Marvel at the surreal beauty of Sossusvlei, where towering dunes and clay pans create an otherworldly landscape.

Immerse yourself in the magical landscapes of Damaraland and encounter ancient rock formations as well as desert-adapted wildlife. Finally, explore the wildlife teeming regions of Etosha South and Etosha East, home to an abundance of species including elephants, lions, and rhinos. Unwind in stunning lodges and hotels such as Canyon Village, the iconic Strand Hotel, and Etosha Oberland Lodge, where warm hospitality and modern comforts provide a haven after each day’s adventure.

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