Is a Namibia Safari Safe For Families?

Is a Namibia Safari Safe For Families?

Apr 18, 2022

Is a Namibia Safari Safe For Families?

From Idyllic natural landscapes to exotic wildlife, amazing food and luxury accommodation, since gaining independence in the 1990’s Namibia has grown to become one of the most popular safari vacation destinations on the entire African continent.

Often serving as the perfect retreat for newly-weds seeking post-nuptial adventure thrills, or even solo travellers looking to embark on the safari of a lifetime, in recent years more and more families from around the world have decided to pack up and jet off to this charming South-West African nation on safari.

One of the most common questions we get asked here at SecretNamibia is ‘is a Namibian Safari safe for families’? We’re happy to answer this with a resounding yes! Low crime rates coupled with friendly locals, good all-round facilities and excellent travel infrastructure make Namibia an extremely safe and hospitable country for families.

What’s more, Namibia is packed full of attractions and activities for both parents and kids to enjoy including:

Extraordinary wildlife

Extraordinary wildlife

One of Namibia’s biggest pulls is undoubtedly the abundance of wildlife that you can view up close and personal on a family safari. Located in the iconic Etosha National Park, whether you’re on a self-drive tour or private guided safari you’ll encounter a whole host of fascinating animals including leopards, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, springboks and much much more. You’ll often find these enchanting mammals concentrated around the park’s many waterholes and you can rest peacefully in the knowledge that all of the waterholes are easily accessible, safe and floodlit.

Etosha National Park also boasts several family-friendly accommodation options, complete with swimming pools and children’s playrooms to occupy the little one’s whilst mum and dad are enjoying some much needed down time!

Away from traditional safari animals, Namibia is also home to the largest colony of Cape fur seals on the entire planet. Head on over to Cape Cross to witness these mischievous pinnipeds up close but be warned that the fishy smell can be intense!

Finally, Walvis Bay is also a popular destination for families to visit during their safari adventure. Depending on the time of year, it’s common to find huge flocks of wild flamingos roaming this area.

Spectacular Scenery & Thrills

Spectacular Scenery & Thrills

Namibia is home to a plethora of charming little towns, immense deserts and beautiful mountain ranges that serve as the ultimate backdrop to a family getaway of a lifetime.

Sossusvlei, with its spectacular sand dunes, is one of the most beautiful and imposing places you can visit in the entire country. The Namib desert, which is thought to be over 40 million years old, is also a truly magnificent site to behold.

The Skeleton Coast, which sits on the Atlantic, is a breath-taking area to visit and you’ll even encounter abandoned mines and eery shipwrecks!

Swakopmund makes a great base for exploring both the Namib desert and the Skeleton coast. From here families can organise a range of adrenaline-filled activities including sand boarding, quad biking, sailing, horse riding and kayaking!

Finally, no safari trip to Namibia would be complete without experiencing a legendary sundowner. A sundowner is a sunset viewing experience in style, complete with drinks, snacks and jaw-dropping views. Most hotels and lodges organize sundowners every evening-and they are extremely affordable- just make sure you have your camera at the ready!

Best Time To Go to Namibia

When is the best time for families to go on a Namibia Safari?

Choosing the best time of year for your family vacation can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Some destinations are too hot to visit during the school holidays, others are too cold, and travelling during the busy festive period can prove to be extremely busy and expensive.

The good news is that July-August, during the peak of the school holidays, is the perfect time for families to visit Namibia. During these months temperatures in Namibia are extremely pleasant- and not excruciatingly hot- so you can explore everything this amazing country has to offer in comfort.

July and August fall within the dry Namibian winter making it the perfect time to view wildlife. In the dry months large concentration of animals gather round the waterholes because water is sparse, whereas in the wet season it can be difficult to view some animals owing to the lush vegetation that springs up, particularly in Etosha National Park.

If you’re looking at planning an unforgettable family safari adventure in Namibia, get in touch with SecretNamibia today and one of our safari tour experts will get back to you within moments!

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