Namibia's Magical Scenic Flights: Aerial Safari Adventures

Namibia's Magical Scenic Flights: Aerial Safari Adventures

Dec 7, 2023

Namibia's Magical Scenic Flights: Aerial Safari Adventures

Namibia, a land of expansive deserts, dramatic landscapes, and unparalleled natural beauty, offers a unique safari experience that extends beyond traditional game drives and wilderness activities. For those seeking a truly extraordinary adventure, Namibia’s scenic flights are a ‘must-add’ to your safari itinerary, providing an awe-inspiring perspective of its diverse terrain.

From the majestic dunes of Sossuvlei to the rugged Skeleton Coast, each aerial safari unveils a variety of wonders below that will leave you breathless. Join us as we explore some of Namibia’s most impressive scenic flights and the enchanting routes that capture the hearts of intrepid travellers.

Sossuvlei - Dunes from the Sky

Sossuvlei - Dunes from the Sky

Embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary as you soar above the iconic red dunes of Sossuvlei. The Sossuvlei scenic flight reveals a mesmerising landscape of ever-shifting sands and breathtaking contrasts. As the sun casts long shadows over the dunes, the aerial perspective unveils a symphony of colours that range from fiery reds to golden hues. This surreal experience offers a fresh appreciation for the immense scale and beauty of the world’s oldest desert.

Skeleton Coast - Where Desert Meets the Atlantic

For a truly otherworldly experience, the Skeleton Coast scenic flight is a must. Marvel at the juxtaposition of the vast Namib Desert meeting the turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The hauntingly beautiful coastline, dotted with shipwrecks and desolate expanses, tells tales of survival and the harsh forces of nature. This flight is a journey into the untouched and untamed, where the ethereal beauty of the desert merges with the raw power of the ocean.

Cape Cross - A Seaside Safari Spectacle

As the plane glides over the rugged shoreline, the Cape Cross scenic flight unveils a remarkable display of wildlife and natural wonders. Witness the world’s largest Cape fur seal colony in its natural habitat, where thousands of seals gather on the rocky shores. The breathtaking aerial view provides a unique perspective on the dynamic interaction between land and sea, making this flight a true feast for the senses.

Fish River Canyon - Majestic Grandeur from Above

Fish River Canyon - Majestic Grandeur from Above

Namibia’s scenic flights extend to the awe-inspiring Fish River Canyon, the second-largest canyon in the world. The aerial safari over this geological marvel offers a privileged view of the intricate network of canyons, cliffs, and plateaus. The ever-changing play of light and shadow on the canyon walls creates a canvas of natural artistry that is best appreciated from the air.

Lüderitz Bay - Coastal Charm and Colonial History

Explore the charming coastal town of Lüderitz from a bird’s-eye view with a scenic flight that captures the unique blend of colonial architecture and natural beauty. Fly over the iconic Diaz Point and experience the surreal sight of the ghost town of Kolmanskop, swallowed by the encroaching desert. This aerial adventure provides a glimpse into the intriguing history and captivating landscapes of this coastal gem.

Epupa Falls - Aerial Elegance in the North

Epupa Falls - Aerial Elegance in the North

The Epupa Falls scenic flight takes you to Namibia’s northern reaches, where the Kunene River cascades down a series of waterfalls amidst a backdrop of lush greenery and rugged terrain. The aerial perspective of Epupa Falls reveals the true grandeur of this natural wonder, allowing you to appreciate the sheer power and elegance of the cascading waters set against the contrasting arid landscape.

Scenic Flight Namibia FAQs

Scenic Flight Namibia FAQs

Are scenic flights safe in Namibia?

All scenic flights in Namibia adhere to stringent safety regulations and are completely safe. Experienced pilots with a wealth of knowledge about the region ensure a secure and enjoyable journey through the skies of Namibia.

When is the best time for a scenic flight in Namibia?

The optimal time for scenic flights is during the early morning or late afternoon when the natural light accentuates the beauty of the landscapes. However, flights are available throughout the day, offering flexibility to suit your schedule and preferences.

What type of aircraft is used for scenic flights?

Scenic flight aircrafts used for Namibia safari adventures are modern and meticulously maintained, each specifically chosen for optimal viewing. Whether you opt for a small plane or a helicopter, you can rest assured that you aerial vessel will be comfortable and intimate.

Can children go on scenic flights in Namibia?

Yes, scenic flights in Namibia are a family friendly activity and children are welcome on board. However, specific age and height restrictions may apply for safety reasons. Detailed information can be obtained when you contact our team about your safari.

Can children go on scenic flights in Namibia?

How long are the scenic flights?

Flight durations vary depending on the chosen route. On average, flights can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Longer flights may include additional stops for exploration and refreshments, providing a well-rounded experience.

Can scenic flights be incorporated into any safari itinerary?

Absolutely! Scenic flights can seamlessly integrate into various safari itineraries. Whether you’re embarking on a self-drive adventure or part of a private guided safari, our team can tailor the experience to complement your journey. Witnessing Namibia from the air adds an extra layer of enchantment and luxury to your overall safari experience.

What is a fly-in safari, and how does it work?

A fly-in safari is a luxurious way to explore Namibia. Instead of driving between destinations, you’ll be transported via private chartered aircraft, allowing you to cover vast distances in a fraction of the time. This exclusive experience not only provides convenience but also offers unparalleled aerial views of Namibia’s diverse landscapes. Our team can help you design a bespoke fly-in safari, ensuring you have a seamless and extraordinary journey through the skies.

Can I bring a camera or other personal belongings on the flight?

Absolutely! We encourage passengers to bring cameras and personal belongings to capture the stunning scenery. However, for safety reasons, items must be securely stowed during take-off and landing. Scenic flights in Namibia are designed to offer unobstructed views, allowing you to document your aerial adventure with ease.

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