Explore Namibia in Style: Luxury by Water

Explore Namibia in Style: Luxury by Water

Jul 9, 2022

Explore Namibia in Style: Luxury by Water

Long gone are the days when safaris meant draping yourself in khaki and heading into the African wilderness with a rucksack and tin bowl for company. Nowadays luxury safari holidays are fast becoming the ultimate in VIP and honeymoon getaways, offering intrepid travellers the chance to experience immersive wildlife adventures, without having to compromise on comfort.

In fact, owing to the emergence of dozens of ultra-luxury resorts and lodges, safari-goers can even experience fine dining, spa treatments and starry-sleep outs on their once-in-a-lifetime getaways- and there’s no better place in the whole of Africa than Namibia for a luxury safari escape.

Namibia luxury holidays are magical, romantic, and captivating. Book a luxury private guided or self-drive safari trip here and you’ll experience vistas of endless orange sand dunes set against a striking blue sky. You’ll also be able to marvel at the surreal spectacle of the world’s second largest canyon or explore the abundant game that call Etosha National Park home.

By land and air, there are a plethora of ways to explore this vast and arid country, including via a private fly-in safari. However, nothing encapsulates extravagance and luxury more than exploring Namibia’s oceans and rivers in the splendid comfort of a boat or catamaran.

In this post we’ll guide you through the most luxurious ways to explore Namibia by water.

Catamaran Sailing on The Skeleton Coast

Catamaran Sailing on The Skeleton Coast

Stretching 500km between the charming former German colonial town of Swakopmund and the Angolan border, the Skeleton Coast is a vast and largely uninhabited area famous for its dramatic landscapes, abundant marine life, and eerie shipwrecks.

No safari trip to Namibia would be complete without visiting this fascinating and desolate area but why not explore it in style? Set sail for the day on a luxury catamaran where you’ll be transported down the Skeleton Coast and given the opportunity to witness some truly magical sights.

Although Namibia may be more synonymous with its abundant wildlife species, including many of Africa’s big 5, on this unforgettable luxury sailing adventure you’ll be able to see many of the Marine Big 5.

Board your catamaran and you’ll get front row seats as boisterous Cape Fur seals bounce by, you’ll also be able to spot eccentric-looking great white pelicans, Bottlenose, Heaviside and Dusky dolphins, as well as the equally-impressive Leatherback turtles.

As you glide across the deep blue Atlantic, you’ll also be able to enjoy an exquisite lunch made from the freshest locally sourced ingredients, complete with champagne to add that extra taste of luxury.

Sundowner Cruise on The Kunene River

Embrace the beauty of a Namibian sunset as you drift lazily along the Kunene River with your favourite drink on a luxury sundowner cruise.

The Kunene River is located in Kaokoland, a strikingly beautiful area dominated by sand dunes and rocky sand-covered mountains. The area is also home to the Himba, a nomadic people and one of Southern Africa’s most interesting tribes.

As you set sail on your luxury cruise keep a look out for wildlife including mountain zebras, springbok and even crocodiles! Watch as the ever-changing hues of the surrounding scenery are magically transformed, brought to life by reflections from the rippling water, as the sun dips second-by-second before finally plunging beyond the mountains and into darkness.

On board you’ll be able to indulge in endless exquisite refreshments and you’ll be able to learn about the river’s storied history by listening to your knowledge captain.

After a memorable day retreat to the most prestigious camp in the region to continue your luxury experience. Serra Cafema, which is hidden under verdant trees, boasts eight beautifully constructed wooden chalets complete with luxury bedrooms and all the plush amenities you could ever wish for.

If you’re staying at Serra Cafema be sure to travel to the relatively nearby Epupa Falls, also known as Monte Negro Fall. These dramatic waterfalls offer some of the most breath-taking views in Namibia and here you’ll be able to take some incredible photographs.

Boating on The Kwando River

Boating on The Kwando River

East of the Kunene River, you will find the Kwando River which flows through Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, a region that boasts multiple amazing attractions including copious wildlife and several large national parks.

Home to very few people, the region is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Namibia which makes it the ideal place to visit if you’re looking for a luxury safari that encapsulates, peacefulness seclusion and relaxation.

The Kwando river is the lifeblood of this region and if you’re travelling here be sure to board a boat with your loved ones and journey steadily through the nourishing waters. On your voyage wildlife enthusiasts will be pleased to encounter elephants, spotted-necked otters, hippos and even the ultra-rare red lechwe.

On board you’ll be able to tuck into a range of delightful refreshments and you’ll even likely spot local fisherman as they skilfully cast their nets in search of tilapia.

To further soak up the charm of the Kwando River retreat to the charming Lianshulu Lodge, a contender for one of the best accommodation options in Namibia. Set on the banks of the river, tucked away beneath a canopy of shady mangosteen jackalberry trees, here you’ll be able to unwind and grab a great night’s sleep in your luxury and spacious suite.

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