Luxury in Namibia: Discover the Wine Route

Luxury in Namibia: Discover the Wine Route

Jul 8, 2022

Luxury in Namibia: Discover the Wine Route

From stargazing to sundowners, romantic hot air balloon rides to breath-taking catamaran trips, if you’re considering booking a safari trip to Namibia to celebrate a special occasion there are plethora of luxury activities to enjoy.

However, nothing caps a luxury safari trip quite like sampling the local wine vintages and although neighbouring South Africa may be more synonymous with sprawling vineyards and a rich grape-producing heritage, wine lovers will be pleased to know that Namibia is home to a vibrant and emerging wine scene.

In fact, many regions of the country are now producing spectacular vintages that showcase the very best aromas and tastes from the local landscapes.

In this guide we’ll take you on a booze-laden journey through Namibia’s celebrated wine trail, highlighting some of the best vineyards where you can enjoy elaborate tastings, gourmet dining and more.

The Otavi Valley

The Otavi Valley

The picturesque Otavi Valley is home to a family-owned boutique wine cellar that boasts a collection of incredible white blends, fruity Roses and full-bodied reds that guests can enjoy all-year-round.

The landscapes of the Otavi Valley offer a unique setting for grape growing but the vineyard owners place a big emphasis on producing varieties that are perfectly suited to hot and arid climates.

The farm’s first full harvest was in early 2019, when 900 bottles were produced. However, since then the vineyard has matured, and production now reaches up to 8,000 bottles per season.

The vineyard owner’s mission is to produce natural hand-picked wines that encapsulate the unique Terroir associated with the Otavi Mountain Valley. Book a cellar tour and you’ll be able to sample bold and complex white blends, spicy and rich reds, as well fruity and vibrant roses.

The Otavi Valley produces have even launched a special Katholischer wine range, which pays homage to the German Catholic priests that allegedly produced the first wine and Schnapps in Klein Windhoek, over 100 years ago.

To accompany and complement your wine tasting sessions, visitors can enjoy a range of exquisite snacks including local cheeses, bread, and fruit platters.

Omaruru-Winemakers & Distiller of Michael Weder

Omaruru-Winemakers & Distiller of Michael Weder

Next on our whistle-stop wine tour we head to Michael Weder’s vineyard, situated 2km east of Omaruru, close to the southern bank of the Omaruru River.

The vineyard, which was formerly known as Kristall Kellerei, was purchased by the Weder family in 2007. Today they have built an excellent reputation for producing spectacular and distinctive wine, a feat made more impressive when you consider the harsh surrounding dessert climate.

Uniquely, and owing to the fact that this region receives over 300 days of sunshine a year, the bottles produced here have a distinct dusty character.

Take a guided walk through the vineyard and learn all about its history. Once you’ve finished exploring the vineyard you’ll be transported to the cellar where you’ll be taken through the entire winemaking process. You’ll even learn all about the brandy and rum that the Weder’s also produce.

After your tour it’s time to do the taste test, and you won’t be disappointed. Guests can also enjoy a range of scrumptious nibbles including an artisan cheese board.

Erongo Mountain Winery

Erongo Mountain Winery

Erongo Mountain Winery is another newcomer on the block, having produced their first vintage in 2014. In the near-decade that’s followed this 9-hectactre land has grown to become the largest winery in the country, and this place is a must-visit on your wine tasting tour of Namibia.

Amongst the producer’s celebrated collection of vintages is four deep red blends, three crisp white wines and a special sparking wine made from the incredible maguni fruit, which is indigenous to the Kavango Region.

The winery is nestled on the banks of the Omaruru river, west of town, and guests can taste the produce from the comfort of an elegantly-designed tasting room that overlooks the vineyard.

Erongo Mountain Winery also offers guests the opportunity to indulge in a scrumptious lunch. Diners here can enjoy modern European cuisine prepared by Michelin-star chef Frederic Lutz; there’s no better luxury treat!

The Neuras Vineyards

Finally, we head to the foothills of the Naukluft Mountains, an area close to the incredible Namib Desert.

If you’re heading on a trip to visit the famous red dunes of the Sossusvlei, this is a perfect stop-over spot where you can enjoy fine wine and an exceptional lunch with loved-ones.

The Neuras Wine Estate first started to produce wine in 1997. Nowadays the winery produces 3,000 bottles of gorgeous Neuras Shiraz each year, and all profits are pumped back into local community projects.

Book a tour around the cellar and you will be greeted to a wine and cheese tasting adventure, you’ll also get to learn all about the fascinating history of the Neuras Vineyards.

After sipping all that wine, you may be a little bit hungry! Fear not because 3-course lunches and dinners are available. Guest can even enjoy a dip in the on-site pool to cool off before you head out on a tour of the Sossusvlei.

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