Luxury Short Break Safaris Namibia: All You Need to Know

Luxury Short Break Safaris Namibia: All You Need to Know

Apr 29, 2023

Luxury Short Break Safaris Namibia: All You Need to Know

For wildlife lovers, animal enthusiasts, and intrepid thrill-seekers across the globe, experiencing a Namibian safari vacation should rank near the top of your travel bucket list.

There are few places on the planet, let alone Africa, that can lay claim to offering such a spectacular array of natural wonders to discover; from the otherworldly spectacle of the planet’s oldest desert to the dizzying sight of desolate coastlines and formidable canyons, there’s a reason why Namibia has earned the moniker ‘the land of many faces’.

Namibia safari holidays aren’t just about epic adventures either; a trip to the ‘Soul of Africa’ represents the perfect chance to relax, unwind and experience untold luxury, thanks in large part to the abundance of world-class lodges and camps that boast spas, swimming pools and every opulent amenity you could ever wish for.

The only question that remains now is how long should you visit for? There’s a common misconception that you need to spend weeks to really make the most of your safari vacation to Namibia but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Some couples, groups or solo travellers may be short on time and a luxury Namibia short break safari still offers the chance to enjoy some magical moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.

From the best short break safari activities, to the most impressive short stay accommodation options, if you’re considering a bitesize luxury safari trip to Namibia then read on to find out everything you need to know.

Luxury Short Break Safari Activities Namibia

Luxury Short Break Safari Activities Namibia

Namibia is blessed with a surfeit of breath-taking natural wonders and attractions including the famous sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the iconic Skeleton Coast and of course the game-rich Etosha National Park (to name but a few!).

If you’re wondering how you can shoehorn visits into some of these magical landmarks into your short break safari there’s no need to worry because reputable luxury safari operators like SecretNamibia can help. Depending on the required length of your safari we will work with you to understand your tastes before cleverly designing an itinerary that will get you to your chosen destinations in the most time-efficient way.

As part of your bespoke short stay safari itinerary, we will also organise several luxury activities for you and your travelling party to enjoy. For example, if your short stay safari encompasses a trip to the The Namib desert, we can arrange for a spectacular hot air balloon ride. Wake up at sunrise and get set to glide over the world’s oldest desert, pausing to marvel at the amazing landscapes below. Once you land, you’ll also be treated to a sparkling wine reception complete with an exquisite morning buffet.

Namibia safaris are synonymous with immersive nature experiences and exhilarating wildlife encounters, all of which can also be enjoyed on a luxury short stay safari. Explore the arid plains of the enchanting Etosha National Park on a thrilling game drive. During this adventure you’ll be able to cosy up to many of Africa’s famous ‘Big 5’, as well as scores of fascinating reptile and bird species. If your adventure transports you to desolate Damaraland, you’ll also be able to trek desert-adapted elephants as they roam the rugged landscapes.

Away from game drives and unforgettable bush walks, many travellers are drawn to Namibia because of the nation’s rich history and culture. In Luderitz you can explore an eerie and abandoned mining town that offers a peak into Namibia’s colonial past. Whilst in Luderitz you and your loved ones could also enjoy an idyllic harbour cruise or experience an exciting desert horse riding excursion.

If engaging with Namibia’s famous semi-nomadic tribe, The Himba, is high and your agenda then this can also be arranged. Spend an afternoon learning about the culture and traditions of this fascinating tribe, including how they hunt for food amidst the harsh environment.

Luxury Namibia Short Break Safari Accommodation

Luxury Namibia Short Break Safari Accommodation

Few African safari destinations can compete with Namibia when it comes to the sheer number of world-class accommodation options on offer. Whether your short stay safari lasts for 4 nights, 5 nights or a week you can rest assured you’ll be able to relax and unwind in some exceptional lodges.

Amongst the most luxurious and prestigious offerings is Little Kulala, a magical oasis set in the Kulula Wilderness Reserve. Conveniently located for access to the famous Sossusvlei, Little Kulala boasts eleven thatched chalets that blend effortlessly into the timeless desert landscape.

Upon arrival guests will find that the chalets are fitted with exquisite fixtures, fitting and amenities which include a private plunge pool. There’s even a rooftop sky bed so you can take part in a spot of romantic stargazing before you drift off for a heavenly night’s sleep.

Complementing the first-class chalets, guests will find a stunning lounge where they can unwind as well as a cosy library and charming craft boutique area. Gourmet dining is also the order of the day at Little Kulala; visitors can enjoy word-class cuisine that utilises the best local produce before enjoying wine straight from the camp’s extensive cellar.

Luxury Namibia Short Break Safari Accommodation

It would be remiss of us not to mention Zannier Hotels Omaanda in any conversation about Namibia’s finest accommodation options.

This magnificent boutique lodge is located in the tranquil Zannier Reserve, a 22,000-acre wildlife-rich conservancy situated close to the vibrant capital Windhoek. A sense of peace and serenity permeates this fab resort whilst the amazing Owambo architecture complements the surrounding landscapes superbly.

Accommodation comprises ten spacious and inviting thatched huts, each of which boasts a private, panoramic terrace which affords views of the distant Khomas Hochland plateau. When you retire to your bedroom after a day full of excitement you can switch off and enjoy a long soak in a sunken bathtub.

Food and hospitality at Zannier Omaanda is exceptional. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast in the company of meerkats and rest assured that the hotel’s staff will work around the clock and go out your way to cater to all your requests.

Luxury Namibia Short Break Fly-In Safaris

Luxury Namibia Short Break Fly-In Safaris

At SecretNamibia we recognise that short break safari travellers may want to fit as much as possible into this once in a lifetime vacation. That’s why we proudly offer luxury fly-in safari packages that are completely bespoke and can be tailored to your requirements.

Our luxury fly-in safari tours are the epitome of premium travel and will transport you from A to B via the comfort and convenience of a privately chartered plane. This option significantly reduces the amount of time it would traditionally take to travel between destinations by road; our short break fly in safari holidays are light on travel time but big on moments when time stands still!

To find out more about luxury short break safaris please get in touch with SecretNamibia today and one of our safari architects will get back to you as soon as possible.

While you’re waiting to hear back from us feel free to check out some example luxury all-inclusive safaris.

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