Namibia Safari From The UK: Everything You Need to Know

Namibia Safari From The UK: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 27, 2022

Namibia Safari From The UK: Everything You Need to Know

Namibia is one of the most popular safari destinations in the whole of Africa and every year more and more excited UK holidaymakers decide to jet off here on the trip of a lifetime.

Witnessing the iconic sand dunes of The Sossusvlei, hot air ballooning over the majestic Fish River Canyon, discovering fascinating wildlife in Etosha National Park and exploring eerily abandoned mining towns are just some of the extraordinary activities that can be enjoyed here on safari.

However, here at SecretNamibia we understand that a safari trip to Namibia isn’t your typical European beach getaway, and we know that our UK customers often have plenty of questions to ask us.

If you’re in the UK and you’re considering booking a Namibia safari holiday, then this guide will tell you everything you need to know. From choosing your safari type to information on what to pack, read on below now!

Choosing Your Namibia Safari Type

Choosing Your Namibia Safari Type

Before you start reaching for your passport and packing your khaki, you’ll first want to decide on the type of safari adventure that suits you and your travelling party. Do you value the freedom of exploring at your own pace? Do you feel comfortable driving abroad and across different terrains? If so, then a self-drive safari could be for you.

With this type of safari, you’ll typically hire a safari vehicle, and this is how you’ll get from A to B. Booking a self-drive safari puts you in total control but don’t feel like you have to organise everything yourself! At SecretNamibia we specialise in creating bespoke self-drive safaris and we take care of everything from arranging flights to vehicle hire, accommodation and more.

If you prefer to be accompanied by an experienced and trusted local guide, then consider a private guided safari. On this type of safari, you’ll be joined by a local expert who will transport you to different destinations in Namibia. The advantages of a private guided safari include not having to worry about driving and you’ll find that the local guides are extremely helpful, even taking you to extraordinary places you never knew existed. Again, here at SecretNamibia we offer tailormade private guided safaris and we take care of everything, from food to park entry fees, giving you total peace of mind.

For many, jetting off on a Namibian safari is a once in a lifetime adventure and as such you may want to enjoy it in style. Fly-in safaris are the ultimate luxury choice; you’ll be transported from A to B from the comfort of a privately chartered plane, which will free you up to do even more on your safari adventure because you won’t be spending much time on the road.

At SecretNamibia we specialise in luxury fly-in safaris, which are a popular choice for honeymooners, and we can craft a bespoke itinerary that suits all your needs and requirements.

How to Book a Namibia Safari from the UK

How to Book a Namibia Safari from the UK

Booking a Namibia safari holiday from the UK is extremely easy and trusted safari experts like SecretNamibia will do everything they can to make the process as seamless as possible.

If you’re booking with us the first step is to get in touch and let us know a little bit more about your requirements. How many people will be in your travelling party? How long would you like to travel for? Which type of safari catches your eye? What type of activities would you like to try?

Once we have that rough information, we’ll be able to put together a safari itinerary that’s completely bespoke and tailored to you. We are also extremely flexible so if you’d like to stay in a certain region for a longer amount of time or would love to stay at a specific luxury lodge, we can make that happen.

Throughout the whole booking process, we’ll be on hand to answer all your questions and the support doesn’t end there. After you book, we’ll continue to be in contact and when you’re on safari you’ll have access to 24/7 in-country support.

Flying to Namibia from the UK

Flying to Namibia from the UK is very straightforward and flights are available from many of the most popular UK airports including Glasgow, Manchester and of course London.

The main airport in Namibia is Hosea Kutako International Airport, which is located in the cosmopolitan capital Windhoek. Flights to here from London Heathrow can typically take up to 15 hours, but this includes one stop and regular lay-over destinations include Johannesburg in South Africa.

Namibia’s other airport which can be reached from the UK is in Walvis Bay. However, flights here from British airports including Manchester typically include two stops.

Many of our prospective customers enquire about what happens as soon as they’ve touched down in Namibia. Once you’ve landed, you’ll be greeted by one of our local safari guides and then your safari adventure begins!

What should I pack for my Namibia Safari?

Most people from the UK travel to Namibia on safari between May-October, which is the dry season. During this time of year, the days or extremely warm but in the night-time the weather cools off so it’s important to bring clothing suitable for both day, and after-dark, temperatures.

Loose fitting t-shirts, shorts, plenty of thin socks and comfortable shoes are a must-pack whilst we also advise you to bring plenty of toiletries including high UV protection sun cream.

Phone chargers, a type M travel adapter and a camera should also be high on your packing list in terms of what equipment to bring and of course make sure you bring any personal medication you need for your trip.

You can read our full packing guide here.

Do I need a Visa to travel to Namibia from the UK?

You do not require a visa to travel to Namibia on safari, provided that your trip lasts less than 90 days. This advice comes directly from the UK Government website, although always check the latest travel advice before you jet off.

Further, always ensure that your passport is valid and in date for the duration of your safari.

Finally, whenever you travel abroad it’s vital to obtain medical/travel insurance so make sure you’re covered and that you have all the necessary documents printed off before you depart.

Do they speak English in Namibia?

Yes. English is the official language of Namibia, so you’ll have no problem communicating during your safari holiday. German and Afrikaans are two other languages that are commonly spoken.

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