SecretNamibia Becomes an Accredited 'Friend of TOSCO': A Pledge to Responsible Travel

SecretNamibia Becomes an Accredited 'Friend of TOSCO': A Pledge to Responsible Travel

Dec 9, 2023

SecretNamibia Becomes an Accredited 'Friend of TOSCO': A Pledge to Responsible Travel

We are thrilled to announce that SecretNamibia has officially been accredited as a ‘Friend of TOSCO,’ marking a significant step in our commitment to responsible and sustainable travel. TOSCO, short for Tourism Supporting Conservation Trust, stands at the forefront of promoting responsible tourism in Namibia, aligning the interests of the tourism sector with the preservation of the country’s rich natural heritage.

TOSCO: An Advocate for Responsible Tourism

TOSCO: An Advocate for Responsible Tourism

TOSCO emerged in 2012 from a critical juncture in Namibia’s conservation history. The poisoning of lions in the Puros Conservancy highlighted the often paradoxical relationship between tourism and local communities. Félix Vallat, a tour guide at the time, envisioned a collaborative approach to bridge this gap. Inspired by conservationists Garth Owen-Smith and Dr. Philip Stander, Vallat founded TOSCO with the primary goal of assisting communities living with wildlife on behalf of the tourism sector.

TOSCO’s early initiatives included funding community members as the first Lion Rangers in Namibia. In 2012, 18 tourism companies joined as paying members, kickstarting a journey to strengthen the relationship between the tourism industry, conservation efforts, and local communities.

Three Pillars of TOSCO’s Mission: A Blueprint for Responsible Travel

TOSCO operates under three key themes, each essential in fostering responsible tourism:

1. Climate:

  • TOSCO is committed to supporting climate change mitigation and the development of climate-resilient livelihoods for local communities.
  • Actively engaging in sequestering tourism carbons, TOSCO aims to offset the environmental impact of travel.

2. Education:

  • The trust actively contributes to awareness and capacity building for sustainable tourism and conservation.
  • With a focus on the travel community, rural populations, and youth, TOSCO promotes education as a catalyst for positive change.

3. Wildlife:

  • TOSCO’s commitment to wildlife conservation extends to landscape conservation of various species.
  • The trust pioneers tourism-related incentives to encourage conservation efforts and create a harmonious coexistence between wildlife and local communities.
SecretNamibia's Role in Responsible Travel

SecretNamibia’s Role in Responsible Travel

At the heart of SecretNamibia’s philosophy lies a deep commitment to responsible travel. Our luxury safari tours are meticulously crafted to immerse travellers in the breathtaking beauty of Namibia while actively contributing to the preservation of its natural wonders.

Sustainable Safari Practices

Our safari itineraries are crafted with a thoughtful focus on minimising our environmental footprint. From the choice of accommodation we offer to transportation, every aspect is designed to uphold the principles of sustainability.

We prioritise eco-friendly lodges that share our commitment to responsible tourism, ensuring that your stay contributes to the conservation efforts in this incredible country.

Community-Centric Experiences

SecretNamibia actively engages with local communities to create authentic and meaningful experiences for our valued safari goers. By immersing yourself in the rich cultures of Namibia, you become a part of a journey that supports local livelihoods and fosters cultural exchange.

Whilst planning your safari, we encourage travellers to take part and experience a range of community-based initiatives, from cultural tours to artisan workshops, that allow you to connect with the heart of Namibia.

Community-Centric Experiences

Wildlife Conservation Adventures

Our eco safaris are not just about wildlife observation; they actively contribute to conservation efforts. By partnering with organizations like TOSCO, we ensure that your safari experience supports initiatives aimed at protecting Namibia’s iconic species and their habitats.

Our safari packages include visits to places like the AfriCat Foundation who are committed to the long-term conservation and survival of Namibia’s Large Carnivores in their natural habitat. Similarly, we often organise excursions to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, an institute in Namibia concerned with the study and sustenance of the country’s cheetah population.

Further, we facilitate guided tours across Namibia’s wildlife-rich regions, led by knowledgeable experts, who provide educational insights into the delicate balance between wildlife and local communities.

Exclusive Eco Lodge Partnerships

Our partnerships with some of Namibia’s most trusted eco lodges exemplify our dedication to responsible travel. These lodges not only offer luxurious facilities but also adhere to strict environmental standards, creating a seamless blend of comfort and sustainability.

Booking with SecretNamibia means supporting these eco lodges in their commitment to responsible tourism, contributing to the overall well-being of Namibia’s landscapes.

Personalised Eco-Friendly Experiences

Tailor your safari experience with SecretNamibia to align with your sustainability goals. Whether it’s a private conservation tour, a visit to community-led initiatives, or an adventure focused on wildlife preservation, our team can customise your itinerary to reflect your values.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Namibia while knowing that your journey is making a positive impact on the environment and the people who call this remarkable country home.

Book an Eco Safari with SecretNamibia

Book an Eco Safari with SecretNamibia

Book your eco-friendly safari with SecretNamibia and be part of a transformative travel experience. For inspiration, check out our range of luxury guided safaris, group tours and honeymoons now.

Together, let’s explore the wonders of Namibia responsibly, leaving behind memories that endure and a legacy of conservation for generations to come.

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