Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari

Jul 31, 2022

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari

Home to over 200 national parks and game reserves, Africa stands as the world’s most popular safari destination. Every year millions of people are attracted to this fascinating continent, drawn in by the allure of magical landscapes, incredible wildlife, diverse cultures and much more.

African safaris have the power to introduce budding travellers to a range of once-in-a-lifetime adventures, from game drives in search of ‘The Big 5’ to daring expeditions across rocky canyons and grassy savannas. Nowadays African Safaris can also be enjoyed in style, with opulent lodges, fine dining and luxury transport all synonymous with this type of getaway.

If you’re planning an African safari adventure, you’ve got a difficult decision ahead of you because there is a wealth of incredible safari destinations to choose from! South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania each boast their own unique charm but for the purposes of this article we’re going to focus on Namibia and Kenya.

From comparing the diverse mixture of wildlife in both countries, to assessing the cost of a safari to both destinations, if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘should I go on a safari to Namibia or Kenya?’ hopefully we can help you answer that below!

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari Wildlife Comparison

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari Wildlife Comparison

Home to dozens of species of mammals, including all the iconic ‘Big 5’ Namibia is a wildlife lovers paradise. Most of the wildlife is concentrated to Namibia’s vast national parks such as Etosha and Namib-Naukluft, although you’ll also encounter plenty of majestic animals in the more remote and isolated parts of the country such as Kaokoland.

If bird spotting is more your penchant, Namibia won’t disappoint in this regard either. This Southwest African nation is home to over 600 avian species including the rare and elusive Dune Lark and African Skimmer.

If your Namibian safari adventure takes you to the Skeleton Coast region, you’ll also be in for a special treat. In Cape Cross you can marvel at the sight of hundreds of thousands of excitable Cape Fur Seals whilst the coastal waters are home to thriving marine life including humpback whales.

Nestled in East Africa, with the Indian Ocean to one side, Kenya also boasts an eclectic mix of wildlife, which is sure to appeal to safari goers. In and around the Maasai Mara region you’ll encounter plenty of native species including zebras, giraffes and buffalo whilst eagle-eyed explorers should be able to spot the East African Lion, Kenya’s national animal.

Owing to its diverse mixtures of terrains, Kenya is also a haven for bird watchers. Between September-April scores of avian species migrate here from Europe and rare birds such as the Lilac-breasted roller have been documented in the Mount Kenya region.

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari Landscapes & Landmarks compared

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari Landscapes & Landmarks compared

They say that to travel into the natural parts of Namibia is to travel into the heart of Mother Nature; it’s easy to see why that statement rings true when you consider the abundance of breath-taking natural landscapes on offer in Namibia.

Here budding safari goers will discover the world’s oldest dessert, The Namib, which is home to the renowned Sossusvlei region. The Sossusvlei region is associated with towering red sand dunes, including the iconic Big Daddy, and is arguably the country’s most spectacular attraction.

Staying in the south of Namibia, safari goers can also admire the jaw dropping sight of the second largest canyon on the planet, The Fish River Canyon. Daring explorers can hike the canyon at various points during the year and luxury activities such as hot air balloon rides over this incredible landmark can also be arranged.

Other majestic landmarks and natural wonders found in Namibia include the eery Skeleton Coast; the title ‘Skeleton’ derives from the fact that scores of ships have met their end whilst attempting to navigate the treacherous Atlantic. Majestic waterfalls, as well as the Okavango River, can also be found in the remote northern regions of the country.

Kenya is also a nation brimming with stunning vistas and charming natural beauty, although the landmarks here are less striking or ‘otherworldly’ when compared to Namibia.

One of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions is the fascinating Menengai Crater, the largest volcanic crater in the world that sits on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.

For those seeking an adventure safari to Kenya, a visit to Mount Kenya must be included on your itinerary. Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa and has several summits for keen hikers to climb.

For those seeking an escape from their busy lives, Diani beach in Kenya offers an ideal haven. The beach is characterized by pristine white sand and lush palm trees, stretching 15km in total.

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari Accommodation Options

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari Accommodation Options

The cliched image of African safari accommodation is cartoon-like images of tiny tents supported by little more than a few twigs: that couldn’t be further from the truth! Today the type of lodges and accommodation you can expect to stay at in both Namibia and Kenya would give 5-star hotels and luxury cruise ships a run for their money.

Namibia is often regarded as a luxury safari destination, and this is in large part thanks to the plethora of stunning lodges that have popped up over the last few decades. Think incredible tree-top hideaways, elegantly designed villas, and grand chalets- you won’t be far off!

Some of the most luxurious and prestigious lodges include Onguma The Fort, a stunning fort-style camp located in Etosha National Park. Here guests can enjoy world-class cuisine, climate-controlled bedrooms, and take in stunning views of the surrounding pans from an amazing central viewing tower.

Other high-end digs include Damaraland Camp, situated in one of Namibia’s most dramatic wilderness areas: The Huab Valley. Again, guests here can expect the 5-star treatment. You’ll find a swimming pool, private viewing decks and even an open campfire.

Kenya is also home to a range of luxurious accommodation options, as well as mid-range and budget-friendly lodges for those who are less willing to go all out.

Ol Donyo and Lentorre lodges are two of the stand-out high-end options. Both lodges come complete with spacious villas with lounges, private swimming pools and the staff will go out of their way to cater to your every whim.

Namibia Safari vs Kenya Safari Cost

‘How much does a safari to Kenya cost?’ can be a difficult question to answer because there are various factors that influence the overall price. Safari duration, time of year you visit and the type of activities you wish to enjoy all play a big part.

Generally, self-drive safaris to Kenya tend to be a little bit cheaper than guided safaris to Kenya but it’s worth conducting your own research.

Similarly, the cost of a safari to Namibia does vary depending on the aforementioned factors. However, here at SecretNamibia we specialise in crafting bespoke safaris tailored to your budget, needs and requirements.

From luxury safaris ideal for a honeymoon getaway, to adventure safaris perfect for families or a group of friends, we can help. Get in touch with one of our safari consultants today and we’ll help you plan the safari trip of a lifetime.

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