How Much Does a Namibian Safari Cost?

How Much Does a Namibian Safari Cost?

Mar 24, 2022

How Much Does a Namibian Safari Cost?

The ultimate guide to what a Namibian safari will cost in 2023 and 2024

How much would a Namibian safari cost? How long is a piece of string? There is no definitive answer, but by the time you are done reading this guide, you will have a relatively good idea of what it will cost you. The overall cost is determined by several factors such as duration, number of travelers, the time of year, level of comfort, and the destinations themselves.

A Namibian safari is one of the most affordable safari holiday destinations, which in turn means that you will get fantastic value for your money. It is also the best option for a first-time safari, Namibia is safe, affordable, and offers unrivaled diversity compared to other safari destinations.

Namibian Safari Costs - Factors to keep in mind

1. Package deals vs tailor-made safari

Package deal safaris have their benefits in terms of cost, but the disadvantages outnumber the benefits. Deciding on a package deal gives you no flexibility in terms of dates and routes. On many occasions, your time in each location is also limited. The two main benefits of package deal safaris are the fact that they are guided, so you will get an immersive experience having the tour led by an experienced safari guide. The other benefit is the cost factor. Fuel, guide fees, and group booking discounts contribute to an overall cheaper package. On the other hand, tailor-made safaris give you much more choice in terms of destinations, time, and exclusivity. On a safari holiday, these are key factors to consider. By working closely with your safari consultant, you can craft your dream safari from start to finish.

2. You pay for privacy, exclusivity and remoteness

The further you are from any form of civilization, the more you will pay. With the remoteness comes great expenses in terms of running and maintaining the establishments. They also focus more on community upliftment and eco-tourism which carries special levies. Some of the lodges are so remote that they are only accessible by air.

3. A Namibian Safari is great value for money (For now)

Namibia is rapidly becoming one of the preferred safari destinations. But for now, it is still relatively undiscovered by many travelers which in turn means you get great value in return. At the majority of attractions, you will be one of the very few people, except for Sossusvlei and Etosha, they can get extremely busy during high season (July-October).

4. Planning and booking a Namibian safari yourself is not always cheaper or even possible in some cases

Because of the remoteness and underestimated traveling distances it is advisable to make use of a consultant when planning and booking your Namibian safari holiday. As we mentioned earlier, some lodges are not accessible by road, and some operators do not allow direct bookings and will refer you to a third-party agent. Tap into the knowledge and expertise of safari consultants, it will end up costing you much less than making costly mistakes during the booking process as their quotes will include many of the hidden costs and fees that are not always disclosed. Examples of such costs are conservation levies, single supplement fees, fuel costs, child rates, transfer, and internal airfares.

5. Joining a small group tour is an affordable way to get all the benefits of a guided safari

Scheduled small group tours are not for everyone, but if you are limited by budget then this is a great way to go on safari in Namibia. With a maximum of 8 people, the group is still small enough for you to have a pleasant safari experience. Another benefit of a small group safari is that you get to meet like-minded people on your tour.

6. The 10 factors that contribute the total cost of a Namibian safari

Here is a summary of the costs associated with booking a Namibian safari. The costs below are calculated for 2 travelers on a per person basis for an average 11-day self-drive safari with mid-level accommodation. A safari with standard accommodation could cost as little as $3600 excluding international flights.

Please note that these are estimated costs only. Prices are quoted in USD

  • International air fares - $1000 - 1500
  • Travel insurance - $200 - 300
  • Vehicle rental - $2200 - 3500
  • Fuel - $1500 - 2000
  • Accommodation - $3000 - 3500
  • Meals - Most meals are included
  • Activities - $1000 - 2000
  • Park entry fees - $300
  • Special Levies - $350
  • Gratuities - $200 - 500

Total Cost Per Person

  • $7700

Namibia Safari Lodge and Accommodation Price Guide For 2023 & 2024 (Prices In US Dollar)


Standard Lodges ($250 - $450 per person per night)

Standard Lodges
Standard Lodges
Standard Lodges

Luxury Lodges ($600 - $750 per person per night)

Luxury Lodges
Luxury Lodges
Luxury Lodges

Superior Lodges ($1,000 - $1,700 per person per night)

Superior Lodges
Superior Lodges
Superior Lodges


Safaris holidays are expensive, but there are ways to bring the costs down, like choosing to travel during the low season, traveling with friends, or other like-minded people. Making use of a local Namibian safari consultant who specializes in the area is a better option than making use of larger travel agencies, you will receive better rates and undivided attention. Opting for a tailored safari does not mean you will pay more, it only means you will get exactly what you are looking for in terms of route, duration, and experiences.

If you are looking for luxury and exclusivity, then you should be prepared to pay for it. Is it a luxury safari worth the extra spend? If you can afford it, then yes. In the end, you are paying for service, comfort, and a more immersive experience. The attention to detail is also much greater during a luxury safari, especially if you choose to make use of an experienced safari guide.

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