What's the weather like during November in Namibia?

November is the start of the shoulder season. Tourists are getting fewer; it is a great time to visit Damaraland for some elephant and rhino tracking. Expect changing weather conditions. Warm evenings, hot and sunny in the day, with thunderstorms in the late afternoons and early evenings. The wildlife around waterholes is starting to get less and less as the month progresses.

  • Average Day Time Temperature = 30 degrees Celsius
  • Average Night Time Temperature = 6 degrees Celsius
  • Average Rainfall = 22MM
  • Average Daylight Hours = 13
Weather in November

Namibia Weather in November

  • The weather in Namibia during November is a mixed bag.
  • The days are sunny and hot.
  • Thunderstorms can be expected in the afternoons
  • Massive cloud formations can be seen
  • Midday temperatures can get uncomfortably hot

Namibia Highlights in November

  • Lodge availability is better during November; you still need to secure your accommodation well in advance. We suggest at least six months ahead of your travelling date.
  • Shoulder season prices are in effect now, so expect to pay a little less.
  • The riverbeds in Damaraland are great for rhino and elephant tracking during November.
  • There are still large congregations of animals around waterholes
  • The flamingos return to the Walvis Bay lagoon. They are back until February/March.
  • Animal visibility is still good during November.
  • The landscapes make for great photographs during November.

Namibia Lowlights in November

  • Daytime temperatures can get into the mid to high 30s
  • The bugs make a return during November
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