What's the weather like during April in Namibia?

Emerging from the wet season, Namibia is teeming with life - and where parks and reserves start to dry up a bit, wildlife starts to cluster around water sources.

  • Average Day Time Temperature = 26 degrees Celsius
  • Average Night Time Temperature = 12 degrees Celsius
  • Average Rainfall = 28MM
  • Average Daylight Hours = 11
Weather in April

Namibia Weather in April

  • Temperatures are moderate and comfortable on the whole
  • Days are generally warm, but nights are becoming cooler
  • It’s the end of the rainy season, though heavy late rains can still be had

Namibia Highlights in April

  • It’s a great time to visit the Skeleton Coast National Park and Damaraland.
  • April is an excellent time for a photographic safari, especially for landscape photography.
  • Availability at the lodges is still relatively good.
  • Lodge rates are still in low season rates.
  • The bugs are starting to get fewer.
  • The air is crisp, and the skies are blue with little to no clouds.
  • The wildlife starts returning to the waterholes.
  • This is still an excellent time for bird watching.
  • During April, some of the desert areas are transformed into shades of green and bright coloured flowers.

Namibia Lowlights in April

  • Game viewing in Namibia is still not excellent during April.
  • The gravel roads might still be in poor to average condition.
  • Heavy rains can still be around in some years, but typically there’s not much rain during April in Namibia.
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